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Welcome to MinSoC's Wiki

MinSoC, the Minimal OpenRISC System on Chip, is a system on chip (SoC) implementation with standard IP cores available at OpenCores.

More Information can be found at,minsoc .

MinSoC provides manuals to help the user installing, simulating and synthesizing MinSoC design. The instructions vary between different releases. Therefore, the manuals are stored in separate wiki sections.

If you followed the manuals, MinSoC installation must be complete and your system running. If you are wondering what to do next, check Next Steps.

This is a wiki for users. You can update pages, create new ones and add links to them. This allow for quality as you find errors, correct the language or give hints to users doing the same thing as you. To be allowed to edit the wiki, you have to register and send us an e-mail with your login. We will give you the rights to edit the wiki. This wiki is privately hosted. We do not publish/use your information (e-mail) in any way.

Finally, for restricted connectivity, a complete offline export of this wiki can be retrieved this way.

Enjoy your time,

Raul Fajardo

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